Publishing Conditions

1. The journal publishes articles that have scientific novelty, relevance, practical significance.
2. To publish an article in the journal, you must send an e-mail to the editorial office of in one file (in Word format) the author’s questionnaire and the text of the article that were prepared in accordance with “Requirements for the content and design of scientific articles accepted for publication in the journal “
3. Within a period of not more than 5 days, the editorial staff reviews the article in accordance with the “Rules for reviewing and publishing scientific articles to the editors of the journal Financial Economics” and informs the author about the publication of the article, its rejection or direction for revision.
4. Adoption of an article for publication implies a free, perpetual transfer by an author (authors) of an article of non-exclusive copyrights of the editorial board. All authors have exclusive rights. The editors reserve the right to literary and spelling of the text of the article when preparing it for publication.
5. Articles of the journal’s subscribers are published free of charge. The editorial office sends the authors a copy of the journal with the published article by postal parcel. The cost of the semi-annual subscription is 7500 rubles, the cost of making an additional copy of the journal is 1000 rubles.

To receive the publication for thesis defence:
1. Write article.
2. Check article for correctness of registration (rules are provided in the section of the website “Requirements to Registration”).
3. Write down the author’s questionnaire, the summary to article and the text in one file.
4. Send article and the review of her with the recommendation to publication by e-mail: also wait for the answer within 2-3 days.
Articles of graduate students are published free of charge.

More details how to issue and submit the article:
If you only prepare article, look at our recommendations, they are collected for years of the analysis of articles coming to edition. It will allow to write article in the style accepted for the majority of scientific magazines. These general requirements exist practically in any edition.
1. All materials coming to the editorial board should be checked for borrowings from open sources (plagiarism). The check is performed using and Etxt AntiPlagiat. Texts borrowing without indicating sources and originality of less than 80% can not be published in the journal. of the article quickly and free of charge by means of the system.
2. The articles which are earlier published or transferred to the publication to other magazines aren’t taken cognizance.
3. Make the summary. It is the short text (not less than 100-250 words). The purpose of they are to give short representations, about what your article.
Please note that performance of these simple actions considerably will simplify work with your article and raises your authority on eyes of any editor.