Reviewing Rules & Conditions

RULES OF THE SENDING, REVIEWING AND PUBLICATION OF SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES, coming to the editorial office of the Financial Economy magazine:


  1. All scientific articles coming to the edition are subject of the obligatory reviewing. The scientists, doctors of science are involved in a reviewing having authority on the sphere of scientific knowledge to which the manuscript of article corresponds.


  1. All articles coming to the edition are considered regarding the compliance to a profile of the magazine, to drawing requirements and then are sent for reviewing to the scientist having the closest to article subject scientific specialization within the last 3 years of the publication on subject of the reviewed article. The manuscripts are not considered issued not in a proper way.


  1. In cases when editorial office of the magazine has no opportunity to involve in reviewing of the expert of the appropriate level in the sphere of knowledge to which the manuscript is related, edition appeals to the author to provide the external review. The existence of such external review doesn’t exclude the accepted reviewing order.


  1. Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent them are intellectual property of authors and contain the data which aren’t subject to disclosure. Reviewers aren’t allowed to make the copy of articles and to use the materials given in them in the researches without consent of authors and before their publication. The reviewing is carried out confidentially.


  1. Terms of reviewing are defined by the responsible secretary and can’t exceed 2 months from the date of receiving by edition of the manuscript.


  1. The following item should be specified in the review: a) whether the article contents corresponds to its name; b) how far the article corresponds to modern achievements in the considered science area; c) an assessment of novelty of the studied problem, to its form and quality of supply of material; d) the description of merits and demerits of the article; e) the expediency of its publication. In the finishing part of the review it is necessary to state the reasoned and constructive conclusions about the manuscript and to make the clear recommendation of need of the publication for the magazine or the article revision (with naming of the inaccuracies made by the author and mistakes).


  1. The edition directs reviews on the arrived materials to authors in electronic form. At refusal in publication of the manuscript presented by the author edition sends to the author the motivated answer. The editorial office of the magazine doesn’t keep the manuscript of articles which aren’t adapted to the publication. The manuscripts of articles accepted to the publication don’t come back.


  1. If the review contains recommendations about the correction and completion of article, the responsible secretary of the magazine sends to the author the text of the review with the offer to consider recommendations to a new version of article edition. The author has to present a new version of article to editorial office of the magazine no later than one month from the date of obtaining recommendations about preparation of new version of article. The processed article goes for a reviewing repeatedly.


  1. After the acceptance by an editorial board of the magazine of the decision on the admission of article for a publication the responsible secretary of the magazine informs the author about this fact within five working days and specifies publication terms. All articles are edited before publication, impositions are sent to authors for a coordination.


  1. Reviews are stored in the publishing and editorial offices of the magazine within 5 (five) years. By inquiries of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation the review are provided in the commission and/or the Ministry without fail.